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May and Thoughts of Summer Coming and Other Good Things

May is a month of planning and expectation. Whether I'm waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive, the flowers to bloom, or a family member's graduation, or making plans for summer vacation - May is that kind of month. I hope your May is full of good things and hopeful expectations.

I want to share some personal book news with you. I have permission to share the book cover for WILDFLOWER HOPE (release date 9/24). It isn't the final high-resolution version - that makes it especially cool that the publisher, Lake Union, is allowing me to share it.

When I was a child we'd make wishes and blow the fuzz from the dandelions, so it seems an appropriate image for WILDFLOWER HOPE. What about you? Did you and your childhood friends make wishes on dandelions?

BIG SALES in May ~ All three of my Lake Union Publishing Women's Fiction novels are on sale in the US! *WILDFLOWER HEART*, the newest release, is on sale in the US for the FIRST TIME EVER. *THE MEMORY OF BUTTERFLIES* - an Amazon Bestseller - is on sale in the US for 1.99, and *THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN* is on sale in the US for ONLY 99 cents.*WILDFLOWER HEART* *THE MEMORY OF BUTTERFLIES* *THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN* And *WILDFLOWER HOPE* the sequel to WILDFLOWER HEART, is available on preorder. Order it now and you'll get the Amazon Low Price Guarantee when it releases on 9/24.

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