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Welcome to Wildflower House & Happy Book Birthday to WILDFLOWER HOPE

Have you read WILDFLOWER HEART, the first book in The Wildflower House series? It released last January. WILDFLOWER HOPE, the second book in the series releases today (9/24). A third installment of Kara Lange Hart's story will be in WILDFLOWER CHRISTMAS (A Holiday Novella) that releases on 11/12/19.

Wildflower House is an unusual property - an old Victorian style mansion originally built as a girl's school that passed from owner to owner until Mary and Rob Forster purchased it. Mary was dedicated to her gardens and Rob was dedicated to Mary. Mary was the creator of the various nooks in the edges of the woods.

Houses and settings play a big part in my books. I was always fascinated by big old houses that showed the ravages of time, and hinted of stories, but thus far had survived the forces of time and nature. Wildlflower House is that for me. While writing the stories I saw stock photo images that matched my vision of the areas around Wildflower House - of the nooks and bridge and so on - that are present in all the Wildflower House books. I thought you might enjoy seeing them too!

Seth introduced Kara to this nook - the largest of them - and Kara tended to think of it as Seth's Grotto though it's proper name is The Gazing Ball Grotto.

Below: The Wooden Bridge plays an important role in all three stories - romance, a source of danger, and even a confrontation.

Kara's father, Henry, updated the terrace with a pergola overhead with new furniture, so it looks more modern than it would otherwise.

One of the smallest nooks is Mary's Reading Nook. It's a tiny clearing with a bench and nothing more - until you notice the gnomes, etc. in the woods around you.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Wildflower House and I hope to find more other likely images of what you'd see there and when I do, I'll share them.

Thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoyed the visit!! Grace

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