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From One Decade to Another ~ The Stories Bridge the Years

This decade is soon to the be in the rearview mirror. But wow, what a decade it was personally, especially in my writing life. My first published novel, BEACH RENTAL, released in 2011. KINCAID'S HOPE and A STRANGER IN WYNNEDOWER released in 2012. A STRANGER IN WYNNEDOWER was my first Indie published title. From BEACH RENTAL to my most recent release this past November, a total of SIXTEEN published works are out there in the world with my name on them. Crazy!!

What truly astounds me is that someone thought those stories worthy of publishing, and readers - you lovely, wonderful, amazing readers - found them worth reading ❤️ Without you, there'd be no point in it for me. You are who I write for. I feel blessed and am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I can't begin to express how grateful I am.

There were many non-writing events and joys in this decade from the highlight of a new granddaughter to the scary bout of cancer, but through everything the books kept coming.

For me, it feels appropriate that I sent the seventeenth book off to the editor two days ago (for publication in February) and I love the feel of having a new book, A LIGHT LAST SEEN, bridging the two decades, journeying with me from all the yesterdays to the hoped-for tomorrows - from 2019 to 2020. I hope you'll be there with me because it won't be the same without you 🥰

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