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BEACH READS SALE!! (Wherever you happen to be reading this weekend!)

Whether you're at the beach, hanging out on the patio, or curled up good and cozy with a book and a pillow ~ here are some beach reading suggestions and they are On Sale.

In my last post I shared that all three of my Lake Union Women's Fiction novels are on sale during the month of May (and you'll find those links below). To that, I want to add that BEACH RENTAL is now on sale for the Memorial Day Weekend - half-price at $1.99. BEACH RENTAL is the award-winning first novel in the Emerald Isle, NC Stories series of romance and sweet inspiration. RT Book Reviews awarded BEACH RENTAL its TOP PICK designation. Each of the Emerald Isle, NC Stories series novels can be read as standalone books, but are better (I believe!) if read in order, so BEACH RENTAL is a great way to start that trip to the beach!

The other BIG SALES in May ~ *WILDFLOWER HEART, the newest release, is on sale in the US for the FIRST TIME EVER. *THE MEMORY OF BUTTERFLIES - an Amazon Bestseller - is on sale in the US for 1.99, and *THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN is on sale in the US for ONLY 99 cents.

*WILDFLOWER HEART* *THE MEMORY OF BUTTERFLIES* *THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN* And *WILDFLOWER HOPE* the sequel to WILDFLOWER HEART, is available on preorder. Order it now and you'll get the Amazon Low Price Guarantee when it releases on 9/24.

Happy Reading!!!!

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