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Almost Christmas

Thanksgiving was as delightful for me as it always is ~ I hope yours was, too ~ and now we're well into December. Christmas is almost here. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Whether you'll have a houseful of loved ones and friends, or a solitary holiday, I hope you will experience the joy of Christmas. We'll be quiet this year at our house and I'll be busy editing WILDFLOWER HOPE (the sequel to WILDFLOWER HEART) and preparing for the January 22nd release of WILDFLOWER HEART ~ and I am so grateful. I am grateful for the gift of writing and being able to write for a living. And I'm grateful to readers. Without you, what would be the point? You make the angst and anxiety of finding the story and choosing the right words worth it. I'm grateful for the ability to publish my Emerald Isle, NC and Virginia Country Roads books independently under Kersey Creek Books (which flows just beyond my back yard) and I'm grateful to Lake Union, my fabulous publisher, who gives me the ability to reach more readers with books like THE MEMORY OF BUTTERFLIES and the upcoming 2019 THE WILDFLOWER HOUSE series. And I'm grateful for my husband and the rest of my family and friends who support and encourage me. Hubby and I have may have a quiet Christmas this year, but it will be full ~ full of a year's worth of love and hope and joy ~ and I am grateful to God for all such blessings and the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas to you all and may your lives be blessed throughout the season and into the coming year.

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