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Happy Book Birthday to Clair!

CLAIR: BEACH BRIDES SERIES releases today! Are you familiar with the BEACH BRIDES? Twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors got together and wrote twelve novellas. All twelve novellas begin with a common event: Twelve friends from an online book club ~ all romantic at heart but disappointed by love ~ vacation together at Enchanted Island in the Caribbean. On the last evening, they decide to write messages about their hopes for love and secure them in bottles and toss them into the sea. Each of the stories begin there, but then follow the brides and their further adventures.

This is Clair's story and you can purchase it here in Kindle or Print:

Each novella can be read as a standalone and in any order and are being released weekly. The first was released in May. Clair is the fourth. Catch up with the ones already released and enjoy eight more weeks of brides and beaches and sweet romance. You'll find all of the novellas here: There's also a reader group if you'd like to join us:

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