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Happy Book Birthday

We think, we dream, we plot, we write, we cut, we rewrite. We agonize over a turn of phrase, a verb, editing, then the cover and dedication and acknowledgment. And then we must wait. Release day. Readers. Reviews. Welcome to excitement, anxiety, happiness, and maybe a few tears.

THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN officially releases today. (Women's Fiction) In this story, I touch on a lot of serious, personal topics ~ topics that many of us deal with in our lives and that most of our families struggle with at some point ~ but this isn't a book targeting those struggles. This book is about understanding that life will never be perfect, and that, even so, we must try to find joy in the small things and live in the present. Where there is hardship, disappointment, and sorrow, then there is also the possibility of hope and beauty. Find those. See those. Embrace those. Life is what we dream about and look back on in review. Living is the point. It happens each day. Between what you think you want and what you actually get is where you'll find happiness. Be there. See it. Give it. Receive it.

THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN can be purchased here:




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