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Sweet Trip to SWEET LAKE by Christine Nolfi

SWEET LAKE (Women's Fiction) by Christine Nolfi ~ Release date Tuesday, February 28th! Preorder Now On Amazon here.

I'm delighted to share information about Christine Nolfi's upcoming release, Sweet Lake. I read it and loved it ~ the setting, the characters ~ it was an enjoyable, entertaining read from the interesting mix of characters to the charming setting we'd all like to visit, to the peril posed by inter-family disagreements and misunderstandings. With a happy ending. For me, a happy ending is a must.

The author, Christine Nolfi, likes to write stand-alone stories in a series, without cliffhangers but with characters reappearing in later books. She strives to create fictional towns packed with eccentric, heartwarming people that readers will enjoy visiting time and again. You may have read her Liberty Series, and, if not, you should look into those books. And you'll see a follow up to Sweet Lake called The Comfort of Secrets in summer, 2017. The Comfort of Secrets happens to be available for preorder here. I hope we'll get to see the cover soon because the Sweet Lake cover is fabulous, isn't it?

Kirkus Reviews said this about Sweet Lake: “The theme that ‘any event capable of breaking a woman could break her open instead, to reveal her true beauty and power’ reveals itself in surprising ways. In this uplifting and charming story, each room of the inn is filled with friendship, forgiveness, and love.”

Award-winning author Christine Nolfi provides readers with heartwarming and inspiring fiction. Her debut Treasure Me is a Next Generation Indie Awards finalist. The Midwest Book Review lists the books in the Liberty Series as “highly recommended” and her novels have enjoyed bestseller status. Join her mailing list at and chat with her on Twitter at @christinenolfi.

Christine’s website:

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