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From the bestselling author of The Memory of Butterflies comes the first in a bittersweet series about love and loss.

Kara Hart was scarred by loss—first the loss of her mother and now her husband. She feels broken, with no will to move forward, until her father does the unexpected: he moves to the Virginia countryside to restore an old Victorian mansion. Kara decides to go with him, telling herself that it will only be temporary.

The huge house is neglected and derelict, but Kara discovers its breathtaking field of wildflowers and is stunned by their beauty. The house, the grounds, and the quirky neighbors—including a handsome one—are almost as fascinating as her father’s sudden willingness to discuss her mother and his own secret past.

Kara is finding her new normal when tragedy strikes again, forcing her to make difficult choices. Will she go back to her old life and risk losing all she has gained? Or will she face her fears and give herself the opportunity to grow?

In the second novel in the Wildflower House series, the author of The Memory of Butterflies reminds us that to achieve our dreams, we must first open our hearts.

Kara Hart suffered overwhelming heartache when she lost her mother and husband, and her father’s sudden death might be the blow that breaks her—unless she turns her grief into purpose. She’ll finish renovating his Victorian mansion in rural Virginia, but with her own twist. She’ll turn the old house into a creative retreat for artists and writers.

Kara has never tackled a project this big alone, and she’s not ready to open her heart to others for help. But the locals open their hearts to her—including two who have the potential to be more than friends. She tells herself she doesn’t need romance or distractions, but maybe that’s exactly what she needs. When her former best friend reenters Kara’s life, it could be the distraction that finally destroys her—or heals her.

The tragedies in Kara’s life have damaged her confidence, but she presses forward, gradually lowering her protective walls and allowing others in little by little. Will bringing Wildflower House back to life and freeing her own creative spirit also allow her to open her heart to hope and happiness—and maybe even love?

The Wildflower House Series: In book #1, Wildflower Heart, Kara Hart, a thirty-two-year-old widow, moves to Wildflower House with her father who plans to renovate the old mansion. In book #2, Wildflower Hope, Kara takes her father's dream and makes it her own. Now ~ Welcome to Wildflower House and a Christmas to remember.

In Wildflower Christmas, a Wildflower House novella, Kara is looking forward to a quiet holiday--just like the ones she's always known--but this year, instead of celebrating the holidays with her father in the city, she's at Wildflower House and she's alone. Kara is okay with a low-key Christmas because after hosting the hectic first official event at Wildflower House she's ready to enjoy some rest and relaxation before January arrives and the final renovations begin.

But fate--with an extra dose of Christmas spirit--intervenes as the people now in Kara's life show up. Some need favors and others have special gifts. If Kara is able to up her holiday game, she may find opportunities for new traditions she can build on for the future.

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