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Questions from The Happiness In Between for Discussion:

1. Why do you think Sandra tried so hard to make her marriage work? Did she believe it would work if she tried hard enough? Or was it because she was afraid of failure or of being on her own?

2. When does thoughtless and overbearing behavior become abusive? Is it possible that sometimes the personality or chemistry between the people involved can contribute to the negative behaviors?

3. Along that same line of thought, Trent’s points of failure aren’t very different from the advice Sandra’s mother gives her, yet each point can be viewed either as negative or positive. Why?

4. Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself so that you will fit in better with others? Is there a difference between compromising to make relationships work or compromising yourself to fit into work or social circles?

5. What prompted the change in Sandra’s outlook on life? Did something change in her that made the change possible? Do you think external events might have prompted her change, or did they encourage or support the ability to change?

Copyright 2015 Grace Greene and Kersey Creek Books

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