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Women's Romantic Fiction

Publisher: Kersey Creek Books

Release Date:  October 12, 2021

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A Dancing Tide
Barefoot Tides Series ~ Book Two of Two
See Book One ~ A Barefoot Tide

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A Dancing Tide, the second book in the Barefoot Tides two-book series, continues the story of Lilliane Moore of Cub Creek in rural Virginia, who accepted a temporary companion job for ninety-year-old Merrick Dahl of Emerald Isle, North Carolina—and discovered it’s not always so easy to go home again. That if you do, you’ll find your life has changed in unexpected ways.

How do you put the pieces back together? Should you try?

Lilliane accepted the temporary job because she needed the cash, but the biggest payoffs were the new friendships she made and the realization that she is more tied to protecting her family history and homeplace than she’d ever understood. Now she wants freedom to travel and make changes in her life, but she is torn between that desire and needing to do right by her deceased parents and their memory—most specifically, protecting the numerous sculptures her father crafted in his workshop before his death twenty years earlier. The workshop can’t stand forever, and she, herself, is almost forty. What will become of her family home and treasures if something happens to her?

She can’t be in two places at once—helping Merrick at the beach and in Cub Creek protecting the homeplace. Whatever choice she makes, she risks failing everyone—her friends, her family and herself, and her future.

Stories of heart and hope ~ from the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge

Copyright 2015 -2022 Grace Greene and Kersey Creek Books

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